About Fenix Solutions

Fenix is a web technology company located in Ottawa, Ontario. We build online applications, technologies and tools online. We have experience with the implementation of various Content Management Solutions and have developed several Portals, Extranets/Channels, Online Communities, Custom Applications and Social Media Applications/Strategies. Our particular niche is the realm of Open Source toolchains; we use platforms such as Drupal, and rapid application development frameworks like CakePHP to build sites and applications that best suit our client's needs. 

For more information on Open Source visit our Open Source Portal.

We are a group of professionals with proven passion and experience in web technology. Our reputation for quality and innovation has allowed us sustained success in this industry.  

Jennifer MacKinnon, CEO

Founded in 2001, Jennifer MacKinnon started Fenix to serve the increasing number of clients looking for a web partner; someone who would share their ideas, time and experience. Understanding that clients want a relationship with their web vendor, Jennifer’s philosophy has always been to provide personal access to herself, and her team, to create the great working relationship between client and vendor that Fenix provides.

Jennifer has built a team of exceptional and talented programmers and project managers who share her passion and excitement for web technology. The employees at Fenix are critical to the company’s success. Our shared enthusiasm and passion for what we do creates both an exciting and rewarding environment for our staff and clients.