Custom Applications

For clients with very specific and/or unique needs, an existing technology solution may not exist that meets all, or enough, of their needs. In these situations Fenix has the capabilities to develop custom applications; specifically an application built from 'scratch' that meets the functional specifications of the client environment. Instead trying to fit client requirements into a CMS or technology that isn't suitable, Fenix prefers to offer our clients the tailored solution-the one that fits their particular needs.

Fenix develops all custom applications in a variety of Open Source programming languages and frameworks including CakePHP, Lithium, and Rails.

Custom applications are almost always more time intensive and more costly than using an off-the-shelf technology given that we have to build it from the ground up. Using an existing piece of technology, and customizing it, still gives us that base framework from which to build upon. Although we use rapid development tools the overall planning, mapping, documenting, test scripting, building, testing and deployment simply take longer. But it's worth the wait.