Extranets & Portals

For clients with more complex CMS needs, and a global channel or member area of their site to administer, Fenix has extensive experience developing environments that require registration and authentication, permissions & security, document security, access based on authorization level, automation of processes and workflow, user reporting and history, automated triggers and notifications, integration with a 3rd party API or internal proprietary application and more.

Our experience building Channels/Extranets and Portals is vast, particularly with respect to building these environments for high tech companies. Although every Extranet and Portal is unique, there are commonalities among them, as listed above. Our process for determining your needs includes phases that allow us to scope your business requirements, assess your process and automation needs, determine areas of automation and integration for workflow streamlining, suggestions for automation to replace manual tasks, recommendations for moderations, engagement and notifications and so on. We work hard to understand your business in order to recommend the solution, and approach, that is tailored to your needs.

Fenix utilizes Open Source tools & technologies to facilitate the development and customization of Channels/Extranets and Portals. If a client requires that their content be presented, distributed or managed in a specific way (including digital assets and workflow) we can tailor a solution/tool to suit any needs. In short, our clients do not need to adjust their needs to fit a particular CMS in order to manage a Channel/Extranet or Portal; Fenix will fit the CMS to your needs.