Privacy policy

Information we collect, why and where it is stored

Fenix uses Google Analytics, and cookies, to track your IP address when visiting our site. Note however that we have disabled showing the last 3 digits of your IP address to help protect your privacy. We only see the first 6 numbers, which is sufficient for us to view what region visitors are coming from, but not the specific IP address location. This information collected is only held in Google Analytics.

We employ an online chat feature through Zendesk ( ) which only tracks your information if you choose to submit a message to us. The information collected is your email and location (by country). This information is stored in the Zendesk application and in Gmail, as an email notification is sent to us whenever a user submits the form.


Given that the personal data collected is stored in 3rd party applications, if there is a breach of Gmail, Google Analytics or Zendesk, and they advise of us this in a timely manner, Fenix will also advise users who information was breached. If an email has been provided, this will be communicated via email. If only an IP address (with the last 3 numbers removed) has been provided, we will post a notice on our website.


Should you have any questions about information we have collected about you, please contact our GDPR contact at

GDPR Contact

16-1010 Polytek Street
Ottawa ON K1J9H9