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CAA North & East Ontario

CAA North & East Ontario operates 5 business line offerings to clients including insurance, travel, membership, automotive, and rewards.

The Challenge

The CAA NEO site was not meeting customer - and business - needs. Users could not find the information they were looking for, information was not well architected for usability and did not showcase the 5 company business lines resulting in poor site usage and conversions.

The Solution

Fenix led stakeholder interviews and executed a full site audit, along with competitive research and user journey & persona mapping. With the information in hand, Fenix architected a web strategy to greatly improve user experience and business objectives. 

The Results

Vastly improved design, usability, engagement, conversions, and traffic. Huge improvement and achievement of noted goals per business line, the site is now a business tool for the organization. 78% increase in usability, engagement, and conversions.

See in action

CAA travel landing page in laptop mockup


  • Stakeholder interviews with 5 business line stakeholders
  • Competitive research
  • Site audit
  • Content audit
  • Technology audit
  • Results-oriented web strategy to meet business line goals
  • Action-oriented strategy to drive leads, data, conversions
  • Architect of a customer-centric, user-focused website with a focus on usability and engagement
  • Site built on a powerful Drupal CMS platform
  • Robust search, filters, tagging & taxonomy for usability, and content procurement recommendations
  • 3rd party integration recommendations

I want to thank you for the architecture and design of the site. It is beautiful. Our member experience is awesome as a result of the work that the Fenix team did.

Sales and Marketing - CAA North & East Ontario