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OH Foundation

The Ottawa Hospital Foundation champions support for the Ottawa Hospital. A large part of this support is online donations, fundraising, volunteer, and events.

The Challenge

OH Foundation website was difficult to user and did not engage - or inform - users on how they can participate in donating, volunteering and supporting the hospital. Traffic, engagement and conversion rates were low.

The Solution

A well architected and designed website to improve the user engagement on the site. A focus on ensuring users can find the information they need quickly & easily; and then get them to convert to being a donor, volunteer, event participant and champion.

The Results

A modern, state-of-the-art website with a goal of user engagement and information. Increased website conversion and usability by 70%.

See ohfoundation.ca in action

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  • Robust CMS
  • UI component driven website to allow for visually engaging and effective treatment of content
  • Strong visuals 
  • Blend of imagery and text for engagement and optimization
  • Customer first and design centric approach
  • Clear user journeys
  • Robust search & filtering
  • Capture, engage and inform audiences
  • Encourage action
  • Etc.

You have an OUTSTANDING team. They moved mountains and made what seemed impossible possible. I highly recommend your team to anyone I come across.  

I look forward to our continued partnership for years

OH Foundation