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Sr PHP & Drupal Dev Job Description


You will work with a team of experienced & proven high performers; people who have success & respect in their roles and who expect a new hire to share these values.

At Fenix we value:
- excellent work over fast delivery
- team collaboration and team successes
- accountability and excellence; problem solving capabilities
- balanced (work/life, mental health) over profits
- a place for you to spread your wings & make your mark
- innovation & ideas

Must have:
- 4 yrs PHP programming experience
- 2 yrs backend development experience with WCMS (WordPress, Drupal)
- Exceptional work ethic, coding standards & pride in your work complemented by your ability to communicate & collaborate
- Ability to adapt, learn & grow to changing tech/methodologies
- Impeccable references directly related to your programming capabilities & character

Role: You will work in a team of high performers, with the expectation that you can complete the tasks and projects assigned to you. The team provides guidance and support, but you are 100% self-regulating and capable of completing the PHP/WCMS work assigned to you, to the quality expectations Fenix is known for.


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